Every year over 140 Million people spend
more than 2,000 hours at work.
What would happen if everyone did their job
with Godly excellence every hour, every day?

Dr. James Paine Jr.

Dr. J’s – Professional Street Cred

University Professor, University Dean & Vice President, Consultant, C- Level Executive Leader, Author, & Entrepreneur

Dr. J’s Team (Family Matters)

Married to the beautiful Marissa Q. Paine for 20 plus years, raising three amazing college and high school age children, James Sr. & Geraldine’s baby boy, Ken’s little brother

Dr. J’s University Cred

BA from Lindenwood University, Masters from the University of Missouri, Ph.D. from Saint Louis University, executive education completed at the Harvard Business School in Cambridge, MA

Dr. J Writes

Monthly contributor for ‘BeEncouraged’ Christian Living Magazine and author of the highly acclaimed ground breaking book, ‘Workplace Worship’: How to Practice Your Faith Without Preaching a Word and Grow Your Career in the Process.

Dr. J Speaks

A Bi-lingual speaker, Dr. J effectively speaks both bible and business to inform and inspire audiences to leverage the principles of faith to become better stewards in every aspect of their lives.

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Dr. J Trains

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